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Our real-time API can provide up to date risk information for any domain in our database. We are in final stages of v2 of our data API which will includes several new endpoints with new data.

API Information

Our API uses standard header based API Key authentication. Here are the details you need:

API Access

To get started using our real-time api, reach out and we'll generate an API key for you.

API Base
Please note that our old API base is no longer in service.

Authentication Header

x-api-key: [YOUR_API_KEY]

API Endpoints

Domain Risk Summary

GET [base]/domains/[domain]

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Key Type Description
Domain domain String The domain name to search (ie:


Parameter Name Key Type Possible Values
Domain domain String
Rank rank Integer 1-10m
Ads.txt ads_txt Boolean true/false
Overall Risk Score risk_score Integer 1-100
Pop-up Risk risk_types.popup Integer 1-8
Embedded Risk risk_types.embed Integer 1-8
Redirector Risk risk_types.redirector Integer 1-8
Bloat Risk risk_types.bloat Integer 1-8
Resource Hog Risk risk_types.resource Integer 1-8
Ad Domain tags.ad_domain Boolean true/false
Big Mover tags.big_mover_domain Boolean true/false
Bouncer tags.bouncer_domain Boolean true/false
Has Ads tags.has_ads Boolean true/false
High-Risk Advisory tags.risk_advisory_domain Boolean true/false
Hub tags.many_subdomains Boolean true/false
Measurement Domain tags.measurement_domain Boolean true/false
Misinformation Domain tags.misinfo_domain Boolean true/false
Misleading Content Format tags.misleading_cf_domain Boolean true/false
MFA Domain tags.mfa_domain Boolean true/false
Paid Inbound Traffic Profile tags.paid_inbound_traffic_domain Boolean true/false
Piggybacked tags.piggybacked_domain Boolean true/false
Piracy Domain tags.piracy_domain Boolean true/false
Recently Registered tags.recent_reg_domain Boolean true/false
Weak Inbound Link Profile tags.weak_inbound_links_domain Boolean true/false
Widget Domain tags.widget_domain Boolean true/false

Example Response:

  "domain": "",
  "rank": 76,
  "ads_txt": true,
  "risk_score": 14,
  "risk_types": {
    "popup": 1,
    "embed": 8,
    "resource": 3,
    "bloat": 2,
    "redirector": 1
  "tags": {
    "ad_domain": false,
    "big_mover_domain": false,
    "bouncer_domain": false,
    "has_ads": true,
    "many_subdomains": false,
    "measurement_domain": false,
    "misinfo_domain": false,
    "misleading_cf_domain": false,
    "mfa_domain": false,
    "paid_inbound_traffic_domain": false,
    "piggybacked_domain": true,
    "piracy_domain": false,
    "recent_reg_domain": false,
    "risk_advisory_domain": false,
    "weak_inbound_links_domain": false,
    "widget_domain": false

The scores in the risk_types object map to the following scale:

Score Risk Level
1 Extremely Low
2 Low
3 Moderately Low
4 Moderate
5 Moderately High
6 High
7 Very High
8 Extremely High